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The 5 Best Most Reliable SEO Plugins for WordPress

Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

If you’re looking for the Best SEO Plugins for WordPress, you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll list the 5 Best Most Reliable SEO Plugins for WordPress.
These plugins will help you in optimizing your website to rank higher in search engine results pages so that when people search for terms related to your business, your website may be one of the first results they see. You can learn more about SEO by reading our previous post: What Is SEO and How Can It Help My Business?

Please note that all the plugins listed here maybe except the last one has their free versions which is good for a start but if you truly want to harness the full potentials of these plugins if you can, we strongly recommend going for their premium versions which this article is focused\based on.

The 5 Best Most Reliable SEO Plugins for WordPress are:

  1. Rank Math Pro
  2. All in One SEO Pack Pro
  3. SEOPress Pro
  4. Yoast SEO Premium
  5. Rankie – WordPress Rank Tracker Plugin

1. Rank Math Pro

Rank Math - Best Free WordPress SEO Tools in 2022 - The 5 Best Most Reliable SEO Plugins For WordPress - appnelly -

Rank Math is a Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress that makes it easy for anyone to optimize their content with built-in suggestions based on widely-accepted best practices. Easily customize important SEO settings, control which pages are indexable, and how you want your website to appear in search with Structured data.

Rank Math gives you a competitive edge with its powerful and easy-to-use features. Whether you are a novice or an SEO veteran, Rank Math can take your SEO game to the next level.

Rank Math solves SEO problems that you didn’t even know you had. For example, Rank Math has an in-built keyword rank tracker which tracks your post’s position in the SERPs. Not only that, but Rank Math also emails you when your posts first start appearing in the search results. This gives you an unprecedented advantage to optimize your posts around new keywords.

Rank Math gives you full control over all aspects of your on-page SEO. You get options to index or no index everything manually or using auto-pilot.

There’re more than 40 features that might make you love Rank Math.

Learn More about Rank Math or Get it Here

Some Awesome Features of Rank Math

Benefit: Helps you to write SEO-Friendly Content
    • Your content deserves the limelight.
    • Don't let it fall behind just because you don't know what words or phrases to use in your content.
    • Take advantage of our AI generated suggestions and know exactly what to write.
Benefit: Helps you track keyword rankings and Search Engine Errors
    • Rank Math presents valuable information from Google Search Console right inside your WordPress admin dashboard.
    • You can see the keywords which you rank for, your sitemap status, and indexing issues. This information is invaluable in maintaining a high-performance website.
Benefit: Helps you track the current index status of your pages

Rank Math brings Google's URL Inspection API data directly to your WordPress site. Know Your Site's Overall Presence on Google, advanced Index Stats of your content, Last crawl time of your posts, and much more.

Google Analytics 4 Integration
Benefit: See all your website metrics with meaningful insights

Keep an eye on your website's stats without ever having to leave the comforts of your WordPress Dashboard.

Benefit: Track your keywords and their search engines positions

Even if you are just starting out with SEO, you always want to know how your website fares against the competition. Use Rank Math's Rank Tracker to keep an eye on your website's performance against preset keywords.

Keep an Eye on Position History
Benefit: Know exactly what SEO Techniques are working for you

If you are in the habit of frequently testing out new SEO methods or just wish to know how your website has performed over a period of time, then the position history is going to be a God-send.

Keep track of your website's rankings over the last few weeks or months.

Benefit: Improves CTR by making your content stand out in SERPs

Schema Markup provide additional information about your website to search engines and your users. With Rank Math, including Structured Data to posts is as simple as pointing and clicking. Various Schema types are supported, and a default category can also be set in settings.

Import Schema Markup from Other Websites
Benefit: Beat your competitors at their own game

Import Schema markup from any page/post or URL from your own website or from any other website on the internet. Give yourself a headstart by importing ready-made Schema from other URLs and make changes as per your preferences.

Schema Markup Validation
Benefit: Validate your Schema while your are adding it

Easily check your Schema markup against Google's Rich Results validation tool right inside your WP Dashboard. It makes the process so seamless.

Benefit: Add multiple Schema types from a single window

Build custom Schemas and add multiple Schemas to a single post with just a few clicks. No programming knowledge is needed to create sophisticated Schema graphs with the Rank Math plugin.


Schema Templates with Display Conditions


Benefit: Customize and automate entire website's Schema

Use display conditions to show Schema where you wish to show them on your website (i.e. single, archives, or entire website). Create Schema templates and insert them into posts with a single click. Add properties and property groups and bring it all together with a few clicks.


Article Schema, Product Schema, Recipe Schema, Event Schema, Local Business Schema and video


Benefit: Gets your content to appear as a rich card in SERPs

Adding the appropriate metadata to your posts allows search engines to understand your posts better. Rank Math fully supports the article type schema, and it can be added to posts with a single click.

By adding the Article Schema to your post, you increase the likelihood of it appearing as a rich card in the SERPs, which will dramatically improve its click-through rate.

Benefit: Gives you a to-do list for improving your website

Rank Math puts the power of an SEO audit at your fingertips. At the click of a button, Rank Math will assess your website on 40 SEO factors. Not only that, but Rank Math will also give you actionable advice that you can use to improve your website’s SEO.

Benefit: Make your unique content stand out from rest of the SERPs

Knowledge Graph takes facts and presents them as information. Rank Math can add relevant Knowledge Graph meta tags to your website so your website can rank for more keywords and command a larger area in the SERPs.

Benefit: Research which keyword you should be targeting

Keyword research is easy with Rank Math. There is no more guesswork to identify potential keywords with each post. Rank Math’s integration with the Google Trends tool helps you check the search trends for keywords and even compare them. You can also use the inbuilt graph comparison tool to compare keyword opportunities visually.

2. All in One SEO Pack Pro

AIOSEO is the most comprehensive WordPress SEO plugin and marketing toolkit with over 3 million+ active installations. It lets you setup / improve your website’s SEO rankings and uncover new SEO growth opportunities in less than 10 minutes.

AIOSEO made it easy for anyone to properly setup WordPress SEO, so their websites can rank higher in search engines.

From website SEO setup to ongoing SEO optimization, their team of SEO experts have created easy to follow SEO workflows that will help you outrank your competitors in search results. 

This is why many industry leaders award AIOSEO as the most beginner friendly WordPress SEO plugin that’s both easy and powerful!

All in One SEO – Best WordPress SEO Plugin – Easily Improve SEO Rankings & Increase Traffic - The 5 Best Most Reliable SEO Plugins for WordPress - - appnelly -

It’s features are highly optimized for Google and other popular search engine algorithm because it follows the most up to date SEO standards and SEO best practices. 

AIOSEO is one the best WordPress SEO plugin in the world.

Learn more about All in One SEO or Get it Here

3. SEOPress Pro

SEOPress is a powerful WordPress SEO plugin to optimize your SEO, boost your traffic, improve social sharing, build custom HTML and XML Sitemaps, create optimized breadcrumbs, add schemas / Google Structured data types, manage 301 redirections and so much more.

SEOPress is a powerful WordPress SEO plugin to optimize your SEO, boost your traffic, improve social sharing, build custom HTML and XML Sitemaps, create optimized breadcrumbs, add schemas / Google Structured data types, manage 301 redirections and so much more.

Some Features include

✔ Universal SEO metabox: edit your SEO metadata from any page builder / theme builder

✔ No advertising, no footprints, white label, in backend AND frontend

✔ Content analysis to help you write content optimized for search engines

✔ Import your post and term meta data from other plugins in 1 click

✔ Trusted by over 250,000 WordPress websites since 2017.

SEOPress on-site SEO - The 5 Best Most Reliable SEO Plugins For WordPress - appnelly -

Do you know that with just $49 / year you can get Premium SEOPress for unlimited websites? Or with $128/year you can get SEOPress Bundle [ SEOPress Free + Pro for unlimited websites+SEOPress Insights (1 site per license)]. This might change anytime so take note of this.

Learn more about SEOPress or Get it Here

4. Yoast SEO Premium

Yoast SEO is a WordPress SEO Plugin that makes sure your site meets the highest technical SEO standards. It also gives you the tools to optimize your content for SEO and overall readability.

Yoast SEO is packed full of features, designed to help visitors and search engines to get the most out of your website. Some favourite features here
Yoast SEO Free contains everything that you need to manage your SEO, and the Yoast SEO Premium plugin and its extensions unlock even more tools and functionality.

Yoast SEO - The 5 Best Most Reliable SEO Plugins For WordPress - appnelly -

Yoast SEO can integrate with Wincher Rank Tracker to track and monitor the position of your keywords in search engine.

Learn more about Yoast SEO or Get it Here

5. Rankie – WordPress Rank Tracker Plugin

Rankie – WordPress rank tracker is a WordPress rank checker plugin that will help you track WordPress rankings on Google keeping a close eye on each keyword position.

One thing is to optimize your website to rank on search engines, another is to track and monitor the progress of your keyword positions in search engines which is something Rankie – WordPress Rank Tracker Plugin does really well.

As a WordPress rank tracker plugin, Rankie will update keywords rank positions daily and generate powerful reports.

it also incorporates a powerful research tool that generates valuable keywords lists Googlers are already using to search.

For some reasons, this plugin made its way to this list and should not be the first one you go for unless you already installed any one of the first four plugins listed here except RankMath Pro as rankmath has this feature built-in.

Rankie - Wordpress Rank Tracker Plugin - The 5 Best Most Reliable SEO Plugins For WordPress - appnelly -

Learn more about Rankie – WordPress Rank Tracker Plugin or Get it Here


Those are the 5 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress in our opinion. Anyone of the first four is a must have plugin for a WordPress website while the fifth one is optional but still a must-have plugin too that will assist anyone of the 2nd to the 4th plugins listed here.

In general, try not to install two different plugins that does exactly the same thing on one website so they don’t conflict with each other which might lead to a WordPress error that may waste your time to fix.

Thats all for now. please let us know in the comment which of these plugins you like the most and your reasons for that.

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Which of these 5 Best Most Reliable SEO Plugins are you currently using?

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